About the Creator

The Fire Sprite Creative Studio was founded by Sheika, after realizing her creations had become much more than a hobby. She wanted to create a space where she could mix some of her niche crafts together to share with others. Sheika sees herself as a serial crafter and a Jane of all trades, who loves to create custom pieces, especially gifts to share and home decor. Most of the items in the shop are customizable, which she treasures, as she can make them exactly as the customer would like. She typically uses wood and acrylic, although she is always up for the challenge of working with different materials. Sheika designs a lot of fun gifts and decor pieces for weddings, parties, photoshoots, holidays, life special moments, and more! If you’re interested in something else, she is always happy to accommodate!

Interested in learning more about the founder of this amazing studio? I thought you might be! She loves confetti and neon is her favorite color, but I bet you already knew that based on all the amazing pieces the studio has to offer! She is married with three wonderful children, who often fuel her passion for creating the pieces you see in the studio. Besides running the studio, Sheika enjoys spending time with family and her pups, DIYing all the things she probably shouldn't, homeschooling, traveling, praising Jesus, and leisure reading. 
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